Nov 2, 2017

Back to Blogging!!

Actually, maybe it’s not correct to say that I’m "back to blogging" when I never really started to begin with.  Always finding excuses to put off blog posts and this time it took 2 years – yes – that’s right, 2 whole years before figuring out my blog situation.  Isn’t that the life of a wedding planner though? We are always so wrapped up in our couples that actually doing something for ourselves gets pushed to the bottom of the list.

It’s time though to jump into 2018 (yes I am already there) and get publishing. Plus, I can only assume that everyone wants to see the FABULOUS weddings that I had the privilege of planning.  I think I owe it to my couples as well to showcase the incredible amount of work that they put into planning their special day.  We are a team in this planning process and they should be in the spotlight!
I’m not going to get ahead of myself and start promising a regular posting schedule – it is going to take time to redevelop these creative writing skills J

Until next time (which I promise will be sooner!)