Good Quality Service in Wedding Planning

‘Tis the season’ and wedding preparations are in full swing with multiple « big day’s » fast approaching.  It is at this point that Brides and Grooms really put their hired professionals to the test.  And we wedding planners are in the same boat.

But why is it that even we wedding planners sometimes find ourselves dumbfounded with the inexperience of certain vendors. 

I recently had one BIG surprise, not in a good way, that leaves me thinking – Why is it so hard to find genuinely qualified services? Who can you really trust? 

Even those in the event planning business can have some unexpected bad surprises and unlike novices we always ask a thousand technical questions, do personal test runs and get outside personal and professional opinions only to be blindsided by a “surprise” that we didn’t anticipate.  If we can’t (or don’t want to) see the bad signs, how do brides ,who handle their own wedding planning with no professional make it though the labyrinth of so called “professionals”? 

I imagine that since couples are usually planning their first (and only!) wedding, they don’t have much to compare to in terms of planning.  This is a good thing – I promise – stress saver

For the rest, I can impart some helpful wisdom:

Thank you to this Professional Hair Stylist
That Warm Fuzzy Feeling – go with your gut! If you connect with the person right away, this is usually a good sign and means that you have something in common and can understand one another.  Your vendors need to make you feel good.

Team Work - After the feel good aspect, question them on how you can work together.  This doesn’t mean asking them what they can give to you, it’s how the osmosis of their talent and your vision will most benefit your wedding day.  Everyone needs to work together.

Honesty Is The Best Policy – take the example of a bridal gown consultant – her/his job is to give you advice on the dress that will look the best on you and that suits your personality and style.  If the type of dress that you just love dosen't match your body type – they should politely let you know and propose another style – that’s their job!

These are some of my rules of thumb and help me in making decisions about vendors before presenting them to couples.  They work every time, hands down!! – My recent “surprise” was my own fault because I went against my gut feeling – should have seen it coming…but even wedding planners make mistakes.  The important thing is admitting it…and fixing it!!