As I sit here reflecting on 2014, I am beyond grateful for the amount of blessings experienced last year.  If I had to use one word to describe 2014 it would be GROWTH.  I grew immensely, both personally and professionally.  The very personal aspect came with a new addition to my family with the birth of my daughter in February.  Now I have two beautiful, very smiley children to turn to after good days and bad.  Professionally, I celebrated 6 AMAZING couples in 2014 planning and coordinating their weddings and networked with some amazing vendors in France and from the other side of the Atlantic!!!  It’s amazing how many memories, milestones and changes a year can hold and last year was no different. 
Now by no means did the year go by without some bumps and flaws – weather, catering catastrophe, broken engagement, photo issues, etc. but as I watched my couples dance their first dance, I know how blessed I am to do this work.

Now for 2015, I heard that assigning a word to the upcoming year that reflects what you intend/hope to focus on can be energizing and prophetic.  I have decided that my word for 2015 is Consistency.  It’s time to bring a little harmony and uniformity into my personal and professional life in order to build a strong base for the future!

Below is a short-list of my goals for 2015.  Now, everyone says that people don’t stick to New Year’s resolutions and personally, I agree – so I’m hoping that talking about GOALS will be more motivational!  Apparently goals should be written in the first person and as if they have already been accomplished – tricks your brain into thinking they are already acquired – the reasoning is good enough for me.  Here it goes:

- I am working on my creative writing skills in English and in French in an effort to write regular blog posts       and social media bits.
- I am writing a blog post at least once a month on the 15th (please note date of this blog!!)
- I exercise 2 times a week and I feel healthy and confident.
- I have reduced my work load in order to focus on my children’s young years. I have accepted that this          requires sacrifices on a professional level.
- I personally planned 5 amazing weddings.
- I have an organized desk at the end of the day
- I make weekly to-do lists for by business
- I only do business on my dedicated working days
- I only do children, family, errands on dedicated non-working days

I challenge you to write out what worked for you and what didn’t work in 2014 (send me a link if you can!).  Setting goals is the key to success! Wishing you confidence and strength with achieving your goals in 2015! 

~~~ Nicole ~~~