How to know what you really want.

You’re engaged! You must be so excited! You have reason to be.  Welcome to one of the most unique experiences of your life.  Engagement is a time of fun and excitement before taking the big step to becoming a “Wife” or a “Husband”.  Say those words out loud – it’s helpful!


You are also going to tackle the biggest project of your life.  Whether it’s an intimate wedding for 25 people or a 300 person extravaganza, the emotional you pour into planning your wedding will make it a day you’ll never forget - especially a destination wedding.


When you first engaged, it’s tempting to want to dive into all of the fun stuff first – chateaux on rolling hills, choosing colors, dreaming of dresses, wine tasting weekends.  It’s natural to want to start on everything right away, but before you get lost in the wonderful world of Pinterest, here is the 1 question you need to ask yourself before you start planning your destination wedding. 


What do you want out of your wedding?

Yes, you want to marry your best friend, the love of your life, but a wedding is so much more.  What do you want out of your wedding?  What’s important to you? Here are just a few examples are:


·       Easy travel

·       Happy Guests

·       Ensuring that everyone is where they should be at the right time

·       Feeling beautiful

·       No family drama

·       Stress-less wedding planning

·       Choosing suppliers you can trust


What would your list include?


Do a 15 in 15!


Set aside 15 minutes with your partner and write down 15 things that you want out of your wedding.  These are things that you value. 


Once you have you list, keep in on hand, in the very front of your wedding binder.  This is the foundation that will drive every decision you make throughout the planning process.  

Let's get planning!