How to Nail your Engagement Photoshoot in France

Engagement photos Paris
Photo: @stephenliberge


Dreaming of an intimate photo session with your soon-to-be in France? Excited at the idea of creating gorgeous pre-wedding photos to share on your wedding website? 

What better way to give your guests a glimpse of what’s in store for them at your French wedding than with an engagement photo shoot in France. 

I always encourage my couples to schedule an engagement photo session during one of the wedding planning trips to France - the icing on the cake for an already exciting and emotional weekend. 

Today, I’m sharing advice from Stephen Liberge, one of the top french wedding photographers, on how to totally nail your engagement photos in France. 

Dress for the Occasion

An engagement photoshoot doesn’t require you shop for matching outfits, but choosing an outfit that compliments your partners is a must.   

Stephen shares, "One of the best tips I can give couples is to make sure their outfits coordinate.  They don't have to match, just mesh together.  Try to stick to 2 colors and make sure that those colors are complementary.  Avoid large, flashy patterns.  Wear the same style of clothing - if you're going for the formal look, make sure you both have formal attire"

Couples can also bring multiple outfits to create a different vibe.  And don’t forget your hair and make-up! 

Paris Engagement
Photo: @stephenliberge

The Right Backdrop

Whether it’s a bustling Parisian scene you’re looking for or a natural, authentic countryside setting, make sure that you pick a location that speaks to you both.  

Maybe you shared a special first trip to Paris together. Maybe you love Bordeaux wine. Maybe you just dream chateau backdrop.  Maybe you just love the beach. Whatever the reason, make sure this place has meaning.

Engagement in France
Photo: @stephenliberge

Plan with the Pro

Your photographer will be an important part of your couple on the day of the shoot.  Stephen encourages you to "trust your photographer to guide you throughout the process.  For example, your photographer will be able to you what time you need to start to get the best lighting - so maybe that photoshoot you envisioned at noon when the sun is high in the sky would be better at the end of the day when the light is softer."

If you’re camera-shy, your photographer will also be able to give you important advice to help you prepare for the shoot.  You can even practice! 

It's Your Time to Shine! 

Your engagement photos become your wedding identity, your symbol, your unique image.  They’ll be on your wedding website.  You’ll share them across your social media.  You can even gift them to friends & family.  They will enhance guest excitement for the event and they will be a lifelong representation and physical reminder of who you were as a couple before officially tying the knot. 


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